Diocesan office expands to include other groups, ministries

      In many ways we in this diocese are in a time of newness.  We have been blessed with a new bishop and our former bishop continues to live and work in our diocese.  We are in an adjustment period.

      Our Office of Hispanic Ministry is no longer only serving the Hispanic community but now forms stronger alliances with the African-American, Asian and other-abled communities.  These past months have been a learning experience for our office.  It has been exciting to learn new spiritualties of our groups and how much we have in common.  By focusing on our commonalities we will be better able to understand our differences.

      Many things will change, as we are now named the Office of Intercultural Ministries.  Everything will be inclusive of all the communities this office will now serve.  Our newsletter, our resources in our library, the way we answer our phone on a daily basis will all change.  Please be patient with us.

      These new learning experiences will also affect this column.  We will be sharing the learned experiences with everyone that reads this column.  We will have articles on coming events and we will be asking people from our communities to share their lived experiences of their parish life. We will also provide interviews of people in our communities to better know who they are and how their faith has shaped their lives.

      I am looking forward to this learning process and I hope some of you are also excited.

     Adeline Torres is the director of the Office of Intercultural Ministries. The preceding column appeared in Spanish in the Northwest Indiana Catholic print edition dated July 19, 2015.