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Be ready! The Lord Jesus could come knocking much sooner than we think

      “You also must be prepared, for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come.”

      Be ready; be prepared! Most of us foolishly believe we have all the time in the world. I can remember being a young teen, thinking that the world was mine. I thought things wouldn’t change – I wouldn’t change, but even if I did, the years ahead would stretch into infinity.

      Guess what? I was wrong. Yes, indeed, our earthly time is no more than a blink of an eye. The years, the decades fly by and we find ourselves looking at those new wrinkles and wondering when on earth that happened.

      There is wisdom in that adage about living in the moment, but this week’s Gospel (Luke 12:32-48) nudges us to remember that there is a future for which we need to prepare in the now.

      How many times have you told yourself?

-        I can drink as much as I want. There’s always time to stop.

-        I can live a wanton lifestyle; there’s plenty of time to change.

-        Sure, I shamelessly seek power and lord it over others. God will certainly be impressed with my initiative and cleverness in the end.

-        It’s good to accumulate as much material wealth as possible, even if I need to step over those who go without.

-        So, I’m indifferent to how I care for creation! As long as I’m the one not inconvenienced or suffering the effects, who cares?

      The list can go on and on. We are not a people too concerned about preparing for this future that will come much sooner that we could possibly anticipate. We give ourselves permission to run amok because we believe we’ll somehow be able to anticipate when the end is coming. There will be time to prepare – to change our ways.

      However, the reality is that no matter how much we cry foul, God’s time will always trump our time, every time. Just ask the 50-year-old man who drops dead of a heart attack on the golf course.    

      I’m not trying to be depressing, because I think this passage speaks to more. When I reflect on it, I find it telling me that God wants us to live a good life, to be prepared, but to live that life in the moment. Every moment of every day is a gift from God, and that gift should be celebrated each moment.

      We give glory to God when we live every day to the fullest as the people God created us to be. Each minute is a lesson in preparedness. Like the servants in the Gospel who were awake and alert, waiting for the master to return, when our Lord returns to knock on our door, will he find us asleep at the wheel, or will we be there to fling open that door – ready in great anticipation?

      I’m sure you feel much as I do. I don’t want to be caught off guard or flat-footed. Will Jesus arrive in a gold chariot, surrounded by legions of angels? I doubt it. Past experience tells us that’s not his way.

      That knock on the door will be an intimate experience that will come to each in its own special way. It might not be for years to come, yet it might be tomorrow or the next day. We don’t know.

      I do know I want to be ready. I want that moment of the Lord knocking on my door to be something to anticipate with joy, something for which I am well prepared.

      How about you?


      Debbie Bosak is the former editor of the Northwest Indiana Catholic. Email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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