Discussion Guide -- Issue of 09-22-13


Page 1

1.       What do you find particularly tragic about this shooting?

2.       Archbishop Timothy Broglio noted that “we must restore the notion of respect for life into the fabric of the nation.” In what ways was this event, and sadly others like it, a respect for life issue?

3.       Discuss the factors of why things like this might be happening more often.

4.       Cardinal Donald Wuerl noted that prayer is our most powerful tool in times of crisis. Discuss.

5.       Talk about ways you think we should seriously begin to address the problem of violence in our country.



Page 3

1.       Who is Sister Angelique Namika and what award has she recently won?

2.       What is a refugee?

3.       What group of women does Sister Angelique work with?

4.       How are women especially vulnerable in countries that are experiencing fighting and great violence?

5.       How does that, in turn, affect the children of that area?



Page 5

1.       What is a deacon?

2.       What are the three main components of a deacon’s ministry?

3.       According to Bishop Dale J. Melczek, what is a deacon’s primary role?

4.       What is the Prophet Amos known as?

5.       The bishop notes that the Lord called Amos to chastise the people of their time for their greed. How does greed affect the poor?

6.       How does this relate to our call to live and act in Christian charity? How does this relate to the role of a deacon?

7.       Ask a deacon to come talk to your class about his ministry.



Page 10

1.       Pope Francis recently called for a worldwide day of fast to pray for peace in Syria. What is a fast?

2.       What is the history of “fasting bread?”

3.       How does the physical effects of fasting aid our spiritual prayer?

4.       What role does yeast play in the making of bread? According to this article, what does yeast symbolize? Read the passage from Matthew outloud.

5.       How might a day of fasting with only bread and water help you make a connection with the problem of hunger in the world?



Page 11

1.       In what way was Jesus’ call to Peter and Andrew to join him rather remarkable?

2.       In what ways do we ignore Jesus’ call?

3.       Read Mk 10:21 and discuss what it means.

4.       What do our baptisms call us to do?

5.       The article states that Jesus calls us to grow in relationship with him. What does this mean and how do we do that?



Page 18

1.       What is a steward? Why was the steward in this parable in trouble?

2.       What did the steward not have the foresight to do?

3.       How did he begin to remedy the situation?

4.       Do you think he was being sneaky or smart?  How did the master react to his actions?

5.       Did this surprise you? Why do you think the master commends the steward?

6.       Will you be in a good position when you’re asked to report to God on how you used his gifts and blessings? Like the steward in the parable, is there still time to be a good steward? What is one step you can take now?

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