discussion Guide -- Issue of 10-06-13

Issue of 10-06-13


Page 1
1. What is St. Jude House and who does it serve?
2. What is domestic violence and who does it affect?
3. When the speaker said, "I began my journey to my true self," what did she mean?
4. How can living with abuse change a person?
5. Why do you think many people are not aware of the extent of domestic violence?
6. How is domestic violence a respect for life issue?


Page 1
1. What does the Catholic Church in the United States celebrate in October?
2. According to Cardinal Sean O'Malley, what must any work on behalf of life be grounded in? Discuss.
3. As a society, do you think we do a good job in showing love and compassion for others? Why/why not?
4. What is physician-assisted suicide? Ask your teacher to explain.
5. Do you think this practice is right in any case? Why/why not and what does the Church teach on this?
5. What are some ways young people can help in the efforts to show how precious all life is?


Page 9
1. What do the nuns referenced in this story embrace? Who is it modeled after?
2. What will Maldonado be giving up if she joins this order?
3. What would be the benefits of living this kind of life? What would you find difficult?
4. How has Pope Francis embraced the lifestyle of his namesake?
5. How does embracing poverty go against today's culture?


Page 11
1. The statue of what 11th century saint is referenced in this story?
2. What turmoil was happening during that time period?
3. What are some of the issues Pope Francis faces today?
4. In small groups, pick one of the examples of advice from St. Bernard and discuss what it means in light of modern times.
5. Do you think Pope Francis is doing a good job? Why/why not?


Page 12
1. Describe this new program at Nativity of Our Savior Parish.
2. What topics do they cover?
3. What does spirituality have to do with a healthy life?
4. "Everything we do is a choice." Discuss.
5. What are some ways young people can develop the habit of maintaining a
healthy lifestyle?

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