Discussion guide for issue of Oct. 20, 2013

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1. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI called the Year of Faith in observance of what two significant anniversaries?
2. What were Catholics called to do during this special year?
3. How did your school/parish observe the Year of Faith?
4. What Vatican II document did Father Donald Senior speak on at the recent diocesan conference? What does this document address?
5. Father Senior noted that when God speaks, creation happens. Discuss what this means.
6. He also said that revelation is God's impulse to speak to us. How does that make you feel?


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1. What happened in Fatima Portugal in 1917?
2. On October 13, what did Pope Francis do on the anniversary of this event?
3. In what way was Mary "open to God's surprises?"
4. According to the pope, how should we emulate the Blessed Mother?
5. What does Mary ask of us and why?
6. Why is Mary considered our greatest intercessor with God?


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1. What is an immigrant?
2. What are some reasons people might want to migrate to this country?
3. Discuss some of the issues driving this call for immigration reform.
4. How are children being hurt under the current system?
5. Except for possibly Native Americans, everyone's family, at one time, were immigrants. Explore your family's immigration history.


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1. October is Respect Life month. How is the death penalty a respect for life issue?
2. As Catholics, what do we believe about all human life?
3. Under what circumstance does the Catholic Church teach that the death penalty is justified? Talk about what this means.
4. Blessed Pope John Paul II used the story of Cain and Abel to illustrate how God's mercy can even extend to those who kill. Read the passage (Gn 4:1- 16) and discuss.
5. In what ways is the death penalty an act of vengeance instead of justice? Is this right or wrong?
6. According to this article, what is one of the principal failures of the death penalty? Discuss.


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1. Whose feast to we honor with the blessing of pets?
2. How do you think God feels about the creatures of the earth?
3. What responsibility do we, as humans, have for these animals?
4. Talk about ways you can show care and respect for your pets, as well as those of others.
5. What advice does Father Andrew Corona give in this article?

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