DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 10-27-13

Page 1
1. What does "Grasta De" mean?
2. In the Diocese of Gary, what is the Grasta De event?
3. The article states that if we want to know what God looks like, all we need to do is look in a mirror. Discuss what this means.
4. The retreat urged participants to be active in making their dreams happen.
What are your dreams right now and how do you see making them happen?
5. Speaker Joe Melendrez told the group that it was more important to be real than to be cool. Discuss.


Page 10
1. What is unique about this oldest church in the Savannah diocese?
2. Why is it important to preserve our history?
3. According to the article, why is there a sense of urgency to preserve this site?
4. For Bishop Gregory Hartmayer, what were the two main purposes for his visit?
5. How did these 16th century Franciscans approach the Indians and why were they successful, for the most part?


Page 12
1. What event did St. Mary Catholic Community School recently hold and what was the purpose?
2. What impact do good teachers have on the lives of their students?
3. Think about a teacher who has made a difference in your life. What are the best characteristics of that teacher?
4. In what ways do you believe teaching to be a calling from God?
5. Discuss ways you can show appreciation to your teachers.


Page 16-17
1. What is the mission of Habitat for Humanity?
2. How has the Diocese of Gary participated in this mission?
3. We tend to take our homes for granted. How would being homeless make a person feel?
4. What does participating in Habitat builds say about the Diocese of Gary and her people who volunteer?
5. What beatitude does this project fulfill?


Page 22
1. According to this columnist, what is the difference between people and things?
2. As a society, how do we tend to "use" people as things today?
3. How do you think it makes a person feel to be used as merely a thing?
4. How has the Internet made it easier to bully others?
5. Bullying is generally the act of cowards. After reading this article, what can you do to help put a stop to bullying?

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