Discussion Guide -- Issue of 11-03-2013

Page 1
1. It has been said that families form the fabric of our society. Discuss what this means.
2. In marriage, couples vow to love one another in sickness and health, joy and sorrow, all the days of their lives. Talk about the implications of these vows and why we should take marriage very seriously.
3. In what ways does the Catholic Church view marriage as a sacrament?
4. In this article, Pope Francis noted that "what is most burdensome in life is a lack of love." What does this mean?
5. Who is always there to help a couple during the rough times in life?


Page 7
1. How did Leo Wojciechowski serve his county during World War II?
2. How do you think this soldier felt when captured by the Gestapo agents?
3. What promise did Wojciechowski make to God during his ordeal?
4. In what way is Wojciechowski considered a hero?
5. As Veterans Day approaches, how can your class say thank you to a vet?


Page 8
1. How did the assassination of President John F. Kennedy affect the country and the world?
2. Bishop Philip Hannan delivered the eulogy at the funeral for his good friend. In what ways would this have been difficult and in what ways was it an honor?
3. According to this article what is perhaps the most poignant image of that day?
4. Why is it so hard to lose a leader, especially one who is loved by his people?
5. What place in history does St. Matthew the Apostle Cathedral hold in this sad event?
6. Why do you think people tend to gather in crowds when tragedies and joyful events happen?


Page 9
1. Read John 4:4-41 out loud.
2. Describe the encounter in this story.
3. How does Jesus show he knows this woman well?
4. What is a Samaritan? Ask your teacher to explain.
5. What is the living water Jesus speaks about?
6. In what way is the woman at the well saved?



Page 11
1. Discuss the vastness of the universe.
2. How does it make you feel that, in comparison with God, we are no bigger that a speck of dust?
3. Why do you think that, even though we are so tiny, God still loves us?
4. How does it make you feel to know that God watches over everyone and everything he created?
5. Do you think there is life in the universe other than just here on earth? Why/why not?

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