DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 11-10-13

Page 1
1. What does the Catholic Church celebrate on the Feast of All Saints?
2. What does this feast say about our own futures?
3. Is everyone who is in heaven a saint? Why/why not?
4. Would we be able to enter heaven if not for the efforts of Jesus? Discuss.
5. The pope calls the promise of heaven our "hope." Talk about how this great hope should affect how each of us should live.
6. According to this article, why did early Christians use an anchor as a symbol of our greatest hope?


Page 3
1. Father Peter Smith is quoted as saying, "There's nothing like the possibility of sudden death to help on focus on what's really important." Discuss what he means.
2. Sudden death can come in forms other than military service. What does his statement say to all of us?
3. Father Smith also said, "When God intervened in my life, I was able to see it." Has there ever been a time when you recognized God's intervention in your life? Discuss.
4. As we celebrate Veterans Day on Nov. 11, discuss some of the many ways soldiers sacrifice on our behalf.
5. Drawing from Father Smith's own experience, what role can faith play in such circumstances as soldiers experience?


Page 8
1. In what ways is too much of anything harmful?
2. How do you think the abundance of new electronic technology has been beneficial?
3. How is it detrimental?
4. Some would argue that hours spent on new media has weakened social skills. Discuss what this means?
5. What is one of the bits of good news that came out of this study?


Page 11
1. Why was Father Augustus Tolton notable?
2. What are some of the many documents the postulator for Father Tolton's sainthood cause must gather?
3. Where did Father Tolton attend the seminary and why there?
4. Why is Father Tolton's sainthood cause considered "historic?"
5. How does Father Tolton's history reflect the history of our country at that time?


Page 16
1. What does Dia De Los Muertos mean?
2. What does the day honor?
3. In terms of immigrants, how can the death of a loved one affect families?
4. How is Dia De Los Muertos celebrated?
5. How does this this observance fit closely with the Christian belief in eternal life?

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