DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 11-24-13

Page 1
1. In this story, what did Pope Francis do that was so extraordinary and compassionate?
2. How does our society tend to treat people who are seen as different?
3. Put yourself in the shoes of Vinicio Riva. How do you think the pope's action made him feel?
4. When you look carefully and thoughtfully at the picture accompanying the story, where do you see Jesus present?
5. In what ways did was Pope Francis following the example of Jesus?

Page 3
1. What is a migrant worker?
2. What kind of work do migrant workers generally do in the U.S.?
3. The story explains the special challenges of migrant workers who are women. Discuss.
4. As people of faith, why do we have a responsibility to make sure all people are treated fairly and with dignity, regardless of their status?
5. Why do people who are mistreated in these many ways feel they have no choice...nowhere to turn?

Page 5
1. On this Sunday, we celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King. According to Bishop Melczek, of what does this day remind us?
2. How hard is it to place Jesus as first priority in our hearts? What are some of the things we let stop us?
3. Why did Jesus become human like us?
4. This Sunday also signals the close of the Year of Faith. What was the purpose of this special year?
5. Should we ever stop trying to grow in our faith? Why/why not?
6. Discuss some of the ways we can all continue to grow our relationship with Jesus.

Page 10
1. What can be challenging about comparing the accounts of the Resurrection present in all four Gospels.
2. As a class read each account. What was the same with each writer? What was different?
3. Which Resurrection story is your favorite? Why?
4. What happened in Luke's Gospel that speaks to the credibility of women in the early Church?
5. Who is a woman in your life that has been a faithful witness to the Good News of Jesus?

Page 11
1. What is your favorite family tradition on Thanksgiving?
2. Take a minute to jot down the things in your life for which you are most thankful.
3. Share one of your items with your class.
4. What have you been given by God that you most appreciate?
5. As we prepare to celebrate this special holiday, write a short prayer of thanksgiving to God.

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