DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 12-01-13

Page 1
1. What is NCYC and where was it held?
2. The theme of the conference was 'Signed, Sealed and Delivered.' What does this mean in this context?
3. Addressing the crowd, Archbishop Joseph Tobin said faith is about knowing Christ and letting Christ know you. Discuss. How does 'knowing' someone strengthen a relationship?
4. In what ways might a strong relationship with Jesus help us in everyday life?
5. What are some ways you can share God's love with others?


Page 3
1. Who is Justin Wolfe and what are his circumstances?
2. Does Indiana have capital punishment?
3. What makes this such a difficult subject?
4. According to Bishop Peter Libasci, does the death penalty ever send a message of deterrence? Discuss what this means.
5. What message does the death penalty send and how is this contrary to what the Catholic Church teaches about the sanctity of all life?


Page 7
1. What is this season of Advent?
2. Discuss the many ways we prepare for Christmas.
3. How much of our Christmas preparation is devoted to preparing ourselves spiritually for the coming of Jesus?
4. How does your family/parish celebrate the season of Advent?
5. After reading this article, what Advent activity can you take home and introduce to your family?


Page 8
1. What are the catacombs?
2. Why was it necessary to have the catacombs underground?
3. Explain how this story is a unique joining of ancient history and modern technology?
4. What are frescoes and what do the frescoes in the catacombs depict?
5. Ask your teacher to go online to view the catacombs or to show you pictures of what they look like?


Page 11
1. Why is losing a loved one so difficult during the holidays?
2. What emotions does one suffer in such circumstances?
3. What is a gratitude journal?
4. Gratitude journals are good, even for those not suffering a loss. Start your own gratitude journal and enter something you're thankful for each day.
5. If you know someone who is suffering the loss of a loved one, what is one thing you can do to let him/her know they are not alone, especially at this time of year?

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