DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 12-08-13

Page 1
1. In what ways is Jesus a true present to us?
2. What does the gift of Jesus tell us about God's love?
3. According to Pope Francis, where do we encounter Jesus?
4. The pope said we should walk to encounter Jesus. Discuss what he means.
5. Do you think that formation in our faith ends at confirmation? Why/why not?


Page 3
1. How did Bishop David Motiuk compare Christmas?
2. What did he mean by this?
3. What is an icon? Ask your teacher to explain.
4. What is the Annunciation? According to this article, of what are we to be reminded?
5. Study the details of the icon of the Annunciation. Talk about what you see and what it might mean.


Page 5
1. When is the feast of the Immaculate Conception and what does the title mean?
2. Who declared Mary the patroness of all the Americas?
3. What has the Blessed Mother taught you?
4. What knot of sin did Eve commit that Mary unties for us?
5. In what ways did Mary demonstrate trust in God?


Page 7
1. What does the word "Kairos" mean?
2. What is the purpose of a retreat?
3. According to director, Father Kevin Scalf, the retreat invites young people to see God in all things. Where have you seen God today?
4. Do you ever feel it would be great to step away for a short while from a life that often seems too busy? Discuss.
5. As you grow older, do you think it will be important to grow in your relationship with Jesus and ask that he stays close? Why/why not?
6. Talk about some ways you will foster your relationship with Jesus.


Page 11
1. What kind of effort does it take to become a championship team?
2. What is the role of a good coach on any team?
3. What life lessons can one learn from playing sports?
4. Do you think there is a spiritual component in sports? Why/why not?
5. The harder the challenges we face, the stronger we become. Discuss.

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