DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 12-15-13

TEACHERS PLEASE NOTE: This will be the last discussion guide of 2013. Look for this page in the New Year starting with the edition of January 13.


Page 1
1. Why is the fact there is hunger in the world today a scandal?
2. Do you think we are wasteful of food? In what ways?
3. How many people suffer from hunger in the world? Do you find this shocking? Why/why not?
4. Pope Francis states that there is enough food in the world to feed everyone. What are some of the issues that stop people from receiving sustenance?
5. According to the pope, what can we do to give voice to this problem?


Page 3
1. If the current federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, if a person works a 40 hour week, how much would that person make in a year?
2. Could one person live on that rate of pay, let alone support a family? Why/why not?
3. According to Professor Christine Hinze, how does this become a religious issue?
4. How do you think working but yet living at a poverty level affects one's self-esteem?
5. Who wrote the encyclical 'Rerum Novarum,' and what does it address?


Page 8
1. Who is Sean Kennedy and what has he accomplished?
2. What are Kennedy's ties to St. Michael in Schererville?
3. How has Kennedy's 'never give up' attitude served him well?
4. According to Kennedy, when following one path doesn't work, what should one do? Discuss the merits of this.
5. How old were you when the events of September 11 transpired?
6. Do you think it's important to remember such tragedies or should we tray to forget? Why?


Page 14
1. St. Anthanasius states that 'most of the Bible speaks to us, but the psalms speak for us.' What does he mean?
2. How do the psalms help us to 'speak' to God?
3. According to the writer, what makes the psalms 'timeless?'
4. What is the message of 'lesson three?'
5. In small groups, pick a favorite psalm and discuss what it means?


Page 18
1. Where did this year's Vatican Christmas tree come from and why did it arrive early?
2. Who stared the tradition of placing a large tree in St. Peter's Square
3. According to Blessed Pope John Paul II, what does the live evergreen symbolize?
4. In past years, what did the tree from Transylvania seem to symbolize?
5. In times of trouble, what does an evergreen tell us about weathering the storm?

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