Discussion Guide -- Issue of 01-19-14

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Dr. King tribute
Why is the civil rights movement still as important today as it was 50 years ago?
What do you think Dr. King would say about civil rights today? About today's immigration issue?
Why should young people, such as those from the Wirt-Emerson school, be interested in Dr. King's life and legacy?


Pro-life observance
Some people from the diocese will be marching in Washington to promote pro-life issues. What things can you do locally to promote the same ideals?
Does your church or school have a pro-life ministry, and, if so, what kinds of things do they do? What can you do to help out?


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Staff 'witness birth of Christ'
When Catholic Charities officials say their agency is "providing help and creating hope," what do they mean?
What types of charity activities are listed in the story?
How can someone "witness the birth of Christ" in the hearts of those both giving and receiving?
What charity activities or donations have you or your class been involved in? How did you feel after you saw all that was collected?


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Bishop Melczek's column
What does it mean to "promote respect for life at all stages?"
Besides the anti-abortion movement, give examples of other pro-life issues.
How have diocesan groups supported the pro-life movement locally?
What can a young person do to promote a culture of life?


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Delores Macko, active senior volunteer
Delores has been involved in what church ministries?
Delores remains active at age 83. When you see someone in your parish or school who is still going strong in their old age, what does that say about them? How does that make you feel about them?

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