Discussion Guide – Issue of 01-26-2014

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Leave your comfort zone...
How do you react to someone who dresses differently, speaks differently, or has different customs? How should you react?
When the speaker talks about "leaving your comfort zone," what is he saying?
Do young people have comfort zones? If so, give examples of how you can leave them?
What are some practical suggestions for getting to better know people from different backgrounds?


Catholic schools strive for students...
What qualities did Notre Dame students list when asked about Catholic schools?
When Bishop Melczek talks about Catholic school students having "great souls and bigness of heart," what does he mean?
How can a young person have a great soul or bigness of heart?
How many Catholic schools (grades preschool through 12) are there in the Diocese of Gary?


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Those in religious are just as normal...
Before Father Huber became a priest and Sister M. Michael entered the convent, what were their career plans?
What made them change their minds?
If you feel you have a religious vocation, to whom should you speak about it?
Where does Father Huber currently serve? Where does Sister M. Michael now serve?


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Faith hope, charity...

For Stacia Bolakowski, what is the most beneficial and promising aspect of teaching in a Catholic high school?
What three things can Catholic school teachers share with their students? How do they share those things?
Bolakowski quotes from St. Paul's letter to the Philippians. Read that quote over and consider: how can a student deal with what is honorable, just, lovely, or pure? How do they come in contact with those concepts?


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Filipino figure skater
What does Michael Christian Martinez ask of God?
Have you ever seen athletes pray, either on TV or in person, during a competition? Why do you think athletes pray?
Have you ever prayed for something, such as in sports or school work (a hard test)?


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Salvatorian priest to assist...
What are the duties of a school chaplain?
In what ways can a chaplain help students?
What languages does Fr. Rafal speak? How can being bilingual help a chaplain?
Besides being students, what other roles have some of the Marquette students taken on?

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