Discussion Guide – NWIC issue of 2-2-2014

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Show mercy, love, compassion...


Father Kime is encouraging people to hate the sin, yet care for the sinner. What does he mean. How can we care for the sinner while hating what the person did?
What made people march in the snow and cold? What was this important to them?
Who are the victims of abortion?


'No sacrifice too great'


What kinds of perils did marchers in Washington face this year?
What was the significance of having young people at the March for Life?
What was the message of the women who've had abortions? What did they have to share with the crowd?
Why is adoption a "noble decision"? Do you know anyone who was adopted?


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Bishop's column


How is the Northwest Indiana Catholic a valuable tool for nurturing our faith?
When you read the paper, are there particular pages or articles you go to first? Why?
If you had to promote the diocesan newspaper to someone, what would you say about it?
What are the newspaper's strengths? What would you like to see added to the paper?


Page 8


Teacher enjoys challenging students...


What does Mark Werkowski enjoy about teaching for 40 years?
What does Mr. Werkowski find captivating about math?
Why is Catholic education so important to Mr. Werkowski?
How can a match teacher carry the message of Christ into his classroom?
Besides math, what else does Mr. Werkowski want his students to achieve once they've left his classroom?


Page 12


Caldarola column on human trafficking


What is human trafficking? What forms does it take?
Where does human trafficking take place?
St. Josephine Bakhita, whose feast day is Feb. 8, is a former slave who died in 1947. You can Google her to learn more about her life and how she rose from slavery. Can you name other people who've risen from humble beginnings to accomplish great things?

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