Discussion Guide – NWIC Issue of 2-9-2014

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The light is on for you


What is the significance of the name, 'The light is on for you,' regarding the sacrament of reconciliation?
Why is the Church again promoting this campaign of getting more people into the confessional?
Why, do you think, more people don't go to confession?
Do you feel any different after having gone to confession? If so, how different?


Mass, Holy Hour for vocations


Why do we need to pray for vocations?
What was the significance of holding a diocesan Mass and prayer service in the cathedral?
What did the seminarians say was key to them following a religious vocation?
If you feel you have a vocation to religious life, to whom should you speak about it?
Who is the diocesan vocations director?


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Death of Fr. Teles


What were some of the qualities of Fr. Teles that people mentioned?
Name some of the parishes where Fr. Teles served as pastor?
What are some of the duties of a pastor?
What were some of Fr. Teles' concerns regarding the priesthood?
What did Fr. Teles want young people to see about religious vocations?


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Special report on Haiti


Why did a group from the Diocese of Gary visit Haiti?
What are some of the problems facing Haiti?
What has the Diocese of Gary been doing to address some of those problems?
Why were Haitians protesting their government?


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Deacon Plaiss column


In what ways was Jesus like us?
How did those similarities enable Jesus to better understand us?
How did Jesus face his own death?
The deacon writes about one of his favorite Scripture passages. What are some of your favorite passages or sections from the Bible?

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