DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 02-16-14

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1. What was so extraordinary about Pope Benedict XVI's resignation in 2013?
2. What were the fears of setting this kind of precedence?
3. In what ways is the office of the pope demanding - physically, mentally and emotionally?
4. In your opinion, why has Pope Francis become so popular and loved by people of all faiths?
5. What role does Pope Benedict now play?


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1. What is human trafficking?
2. Why is human trafficking sinful in the eyes of the Church?
3. In what way are immigrants most vulnerable to those who engage in human trafficking?
4. How has Catholic Relief Services worked to eliminate this 'scrouge?'
5. Do you think slave labor exists in this country? Why/why not?


Page 3
1. Why was the app, 'Mass Explained,' developed?
2. What is an 'imprimatur'?
3. Make a list of your questions about the Mass and invite your priest or deacon to come into your class and explain.
4. In a dream, app developer Dan Gonzalez heard the message that 'the reason you're not comfortable (in being away from the Church) is because I'm not there in the flesh.' Who do you think was speaking to Gonzalez and what did the message mean?
5. Gonzalez states there is a historical meaning for every prayer, every gesture, everything that we do at Mass. If people better understood this, do you think they would learn to really love the Mass and participate more? Why/why not?


Page 11
1. Where is the March for Life held annually?
2. What do you think is the purpose?
3. In what ways might abortion be considered another Holocaust?
4. Why do you think it's important for young people to start forming opinions and beliefs based on their Catholic faith at a young age?
5. Why do we have a responsibility to speak out for all those who can't speak for themselves?


Page 12
1. Discuss the words of the hymn, "And he walks with me and he talks with me and he tells me I am his own." How do these words make you feel?
2. Some would argue that God does not become involved with humanity? What examples would you give to refute that position?
3. What (who) is the biggest example that God wants to be actively involved with us?
4. God's presence is all around us. Discuss where you see God working in the world today.
5. Is there any special place where you find God present?

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