DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 02-23-14

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1. In the continuing battle over some parts of the Affordable Care Act, what is the next big hurdle to be overcome, according to this article?
2. What provision in the Affordable Health Care Act is being disputed by religious groups?
3. What is an "amicus" brief?
4. Do you think owners of privately owned companies have a right to conscience protection?
5. Do you feel all citizens of this country have the right to follow their consciences formed by their religious beliefs? Why/why not?
6. The Affordable Care Act does, at its heart, contain provisions that are favorable to all citizens. Do you think all people should have access to affordable health care? Why/why not? What would the Catholic Church teach on this question?


1. Why is Maria Margate so well-loved in her community?
2. How were her actions during the hurricane in the Philippines a true mark of a Christian spirit?
3. In the height of this crisis, what prayer did Margate utter?
4. What does it mean to put your life in God's hands?
5. How much strength and trust in God do you think it must take to lose everything and then have the will to begin to rebuild?


Page 5
1. "God created us in his own image." What does this say about God's love for us?
2. In this week's Gospel reading, Jesus challenges us to love our enemies. Talk about who are enemies might be?
3. How hard would it be for you to love your enemies?
4. Discuss some of the effects of sin, according to Bishop Melczek.
5. Discuss the meaning of true reconciliation.


Page 7
1. What is the latest bill to pass in our Indiana legislature?
2. Following the Church's teaching on the sanctity of all life, how do you feel unborn fetuses should be handled?
3. Do you think having the option to properly bury one's unborn fetus would bring comfort to grieving parents? Why/why not.
4. What would this bill now provide?
5. Discuss how painful it must be for a parent to lose a child.


Page 8
1. Talk about the miracle of our hearts?
2. How important is a healthy heart to one's overall well-being?
3. According to this article, what are some of the risk factors for heart disease?
4. What are some steps you can take as a young person to insure a healthy heart?

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