DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 03-02-14


Page 1
1. In this article, what does Pope Francis ask the newly appointed cardinals, as well as the rest of us, to avoid?
2. How many men had been raised to the rank of cardinal on this day?
3. Who is the oldest cardinal appointed and where is he from?
4. Cardinals enter into a new and expanded service to the Church. Ask your teacher to explain the role and duties of a cardinal.
5. What color signifies a cardinal? What does it symbolize? Who does it call the cardinals to pray for?


Page 3
1. In this article, the pope notes that families today are "looked down upon and mistreated." Discuss. Do you think this is true and why?
2. It has been said that families are the foundation of our society. Discuss what this means?
3. What characteristics go into the make-up of a good and loving family?
4. What challenges do divorced and civilly remarried Catholics face in the Church today?
5. Cardinal Walter Kasper refers to the "domestic Church." Talk about what this might mean.


Page 8
1. Discuss the quote, "Christ calls us to love our enemies and travel the long, difficult, but humanizing and liberating road to reconciliation."
2. How does it apply in this instance?
3. What is the Catholic Church's stance on the death penalty?
4. How does the death penalty perpetuate a cycle of violence?
5. How does one heal through a process of reconciliation?


Page 11
1. How does Kerry Rogers hope to inspire others?
2. What gift has God given Rogers and how has he used that gift to overcome challenges in his life?
3. What struggles did Rogers' mother face when raising him and his sister?
4. Rogers graduated in 2012. How did he overcome the challenges of school?
5. What does Rogers teach us about having dreams and setting goals in life?


Page 13
1. How was the very fact that Samson was born a miracle unto itself?
2. Because Samson was consecrated to God, what was he instructed not to do?
3. What was the problem with the woman Samson wanted to marry?
4. How does Samson repay the wager when the Philistines solve the riddle?
5. Who does Samson's fiancé marry?
6. What does Samson do in revenge?
7. What does Delilah do that brings Samson down?

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