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1. Of this list of thing people might not know about Pope Francis, what surprises you the most?
2. What name was the pope considering had he been first elected in 2005?
3. What did the pope consider the "worst" thing that happened to him in his early weeks as the pontiff?
4. What is Pope Francis' favorite part of the day?
5. Why did the pope choose the name "Francis?"


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1. What challenges do immigrants face when trying to integrate into this country?
2. In what way were Jesus, Mary and Joseph immigrants also?
3. According to this article, how is immigration a win-win case for the Catholic Church?
4. As Catholics, do you believe we have a responsibility to reach out and help immigrants?
5. In small groups, discuss how churches might help immigrants integrate more easily into parishes and communities.


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1. Sister Joanne Marie uses an analogy of dusting for Lent. Discuss what this means.
2. In terms of our souls, what does Lenten dusting allow us to do?
3. She notes that once one has dusted, the dust begins to collect again. What does this say about the importance of diligence when it comes to our souls?
4. Read the Sufi parable out loud in class and discuss what it means.
5. How does it make you feel to hear God whisper in your ear, "You are my beloved in whom I am well pleased? Does this make you want to be a better person? Why/why not?


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1. What is the "House and Treasure of St. Martin de Porres?"
2. What does this ministry save these children from?
3. Teaching children at an early age how to be self-sufficient is important why?
4. How does this ministry transform the children?
5. How does it bring hope into their lives?


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1. When Pope Francis told the youth gathered at World Youth Day 2013, "...be generous with Christ...bear witness to his Gospel?" What did he mean?
2. How can young people bear witness to the Gospel of Jesus?
3. Do you believe young people have a desire to have a deep relationship with Jesus? Why/why not?
4. At what point does a young person really become part of the Church?
5. In 2000, Blessed Pope John Paul II said, "...you will not find yourself except through the full giving of yourself." Discuss.
6. How do you or will you take advantage of the many opportunities to become part of our Church?

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