DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 03-16-14

Page 1
1. What happens at the Rite of Election?
2. What is a 'catechumen'? Ask your teacher to explain.
3. After this rite, catechumens become the elect. What sacrament will they receive at Easter that will make them full members of the Church?
4. In reality, who is it that chooses people to join his Church?
5. Bishop Melczek noted to this group that, in accepting this call, they are now accepting to allow Jesus to be Lord in their lives. Discuss what this means.


Page 3
1. What is the Shroud of Turin?
2. Why is it considered remarkable?
3. Why is the shroud considered as sacred?
4. According to Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia of Turin, of what is this shroud a sign?
5. What does it mean to say we 'venerate' this shroud?


Page 7
1. Who was Archbishop Fulton Sheen and why is he of particular interest to the people of our region?
2. What event of significance does this story relate/
3. If this case is authenticated as a miracle, what would Archbishop Sheen be elevated to in his road to sainthood?
4. What is a saint? Discuss with your teacher.


Page 9
1. Deacon Lunsford does ministry to the prisoners on death row in Michigan City. Why do you think these men, especially, are in need of Christian ministry?
2. Do you believe prisoners, especially those on death row, take the time to reflect on their lives? Discuss.
3. Do you think God continues to transform peoples' lives, even those in prison? Discuss.
4. At his execution, when 'George' gave Deacon Lunsford a 'thumbs up,' what do you think he was trying to say.
5. How did this man find light in life's darkest moments?
6. Reading this story, what do you think it says to us about finding God's light at times when we believe there is only darkness?


Page 13
1. As a class, read Genesis 3:8-9 out loud.
2. Why do humans no longer enjoy the wonders of paradise?
3. When people talk about having a desert experience, they are generally talking about times when they feel dry and empty spiritually. Discuss this.
4. Do you believe God is with us always? Discuss.
5. According to this story, of what can the desert imagery be a sign?
6. Why does temptation become greater when we have desert experiences?
7. Discuss examples of desert experiences you might encounter in your young lives.

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