DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 03-23-14

Page 1
1. As Pope Francis marks the first year of his papacy, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz notes that "The eyes of the world are on the Church." Discuss the implications of this.
2. What positive effect do you think has Pope Francis had on, not only Catholics, but the whole world?
3. In what way did churches around the world celebrate this occasion?
4. In what ways has the pope been a wonderful role model clergy and laity alike?
5. According to Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Archbishop Kurtz, can we expect Church doctrine to change under Pope Francis?
6. Talk about examples of Church doctrine.
7. What can we expect to change?


Page 3
1. What do you think are the challenges for someone leaving prison?
2. Recidivism is the likelihood that a criminal offender will repeat his/her crimes and return to prison. How important do you think it is for society to look to the future and help prisoners learn to live a productive life once they leave prison? Discuss.
3. What is the Comprehensive Case Management Services program discussed in this article?
4. How has the program helped Clevelander Alease Fleming?
5. What is Fleming's advice to other prisoners hoping to one day rejoin society?
6. Why have Catholic leaders supported programs such as this?


Page 8
1. What is 'mysticism?'
2. Who are some prominent mystics in Church history?
3. According to the speaker at this event, what three things are closely tied to mysticism?
4. "Be still and know I am God." (Ps 46:10) Discuss what this means.
5. Why is human language so inadequate when talking about God?

Page 10
1. In the first reading for this Sunday, why were the Israelites complaining?
2. What are some on the things you think they were 'thirsting' for?
3. Read the Gospel reading. (Jn 4:5042)
4. Why was it remarkable that Jesus would talk to the woman at the well?
5. What is a Samaritan? Ask your teacher to explain.
6. In the second reading from the Letter to the Romans, what does St. Paul suggest we should drink in?
7. What is the Living Water Jesus talks about at the well?
8. What things do we foolish try to use to quench our thirsts, our longings, that always leave us thirsty?


Page 12
1. When you think of immigrants, what nationality immediately comes to mind?
2. How does this story remind us that the history of our country was founded in a rich traditions of immigrants from a wide array of countries?
3. In what way was the emigration of single women from Ireland unique?
4. What does this exhibit highlight?
5. Unless we are of Native American descent, our families were all once immigrants. Discuss in light of today's immigration debate.

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