DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 03-30-14

Page 1
1. Describe the virtue of humility?
2. How can one be sincerely humble?
3. According to Pope Francis, what happens without the practice of humility and prayer?
4. "The kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its fruit." Discuss the meaning of this passage from the
Gospel of St. Matthew.
5. Why does the Word of God never end?


Page 7
1. In biblical terms, what is a prophet? Ask your teacher to explain.
2. What did the prophet Amos use to denounce the hollow prosperity of his time?
3. Father Schweitzer told his audience on this night that God's mercy sustains us. Discuss and give examples.
4. Amos worked to change people's heart but he also annoyed some. Why is change sometimes so annoying or bothersome?
5. What covenant did God make with Moses?
6. What lesson might we learn from the prophet Amos?


Page 8
1. What does tradition tell us about the Holy Stairs?
2. According to the account in this story, what is being done to preserve the Holy Stairs?
3. To what is this shrine dedicated?
4. Curator Mary Angela Schroth notes that the restoration of the shrine is more than a project to restore art. Discuss.
5. Do you think it's important to restore and maintain art, especially art of a spiritual nature? Why/why not?


Page 11
1. Read this week Gospel from John 9:1-41.
2. In this time is history, what did people believe about those born with a disability, such as blindness?
3. In what ways might we become spiritually ill?
4. In the book of Genesis, how did God use clay to fashion new life?
5. Talk about some of things in our lives to which we can be blind.
6. How did the formerly blind man show great faith?


Page 12
1. In what ways has this Marquette Catholic High School senior distinguished himself?
2. The campus minister notes that Miller has a top-notch character. Do you think this has anything to do with his strong faith? Discuss.
3. Miller states he has experienced a great environment in his life that has helped him become the person he is. Talk about the people who support and encourage you in many ways in your life.
4. He said that living and learning means admitting to and making amends for mistakes. Discuss.
5. Why is it important to develop a good value system and sense of priorities when you are young?

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