DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 04-06-14

Page 1
1. What topics did Pope Francis and President Obama discuss during this historic meeting?
2. On an international note, what concerns did Pope Francis express?
3. On what topics did these two powerful leaders seem to be in agreement?
4. Do you think there is great value in having the pope and our president meet? Why/why not?
5. Why is it important for the Church to express her views on matters that affect the lives of people?


Page 3
1. When Blessed John Paul II was elected pope, what made this event noteworthy?
2. In what ways was this pope considered a great communicator?
3. What apology did this pope offer when on his pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2000?
4. Blessed John Paul II wrote several social justice encyclicals. What range of topics did they cover?
5. What characteristics of Blessed John Paul II do you admire the most?


Page 9
1. What does it mean to "respect?"
2. According to Deacon Kubik, why are we called to respect our bodies and those of others?
3. What are some of the ways we might disrespect our bodies?
4. Who are the only two humans who were born free from sin?
5. How does today's media distort our beliefs about respect for the body?


Page 10
1. What is the "evolution" theory of creation?
2. What is the "creation" theory?
3. One is based on religious belief; one is based on science. Do you think the two are incompatible? Why/why not?
4. As believers, why should we put God at the center of any discussion of creation, no matter the theory?
5. "Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind." Discuss.


Page 14
1. As Christians, what do we believe about life after death? What feelings do these beliefs invoke in you?
2. How would you feel about life if you believed there was no life after death?
3. What should the cycles of nature teach us about life eternal?
4. What was the purpose of Jesus' raising Lazarus from the dead? (Read John 11: 1-45)
5. What event did this miracle foreshadow?
6. When Jesus first came to the tomb of his friend, the Gospel tells us that "Jesus wept." What does this tell us about the human nature of Jesus?

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