DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 04-13-14

Page 3
1. What advice does Pope Francis give us about praying to God?
2. Why do you think we tend to "hold back" our true feelings when we pray?
3. Do you think God continues to "save us?" Why/why not?
4. What does this say about God's love and patience?
5. Discuss how to engage in honest prayer with God?
6. What are some of the emotions we have that God would want to share with us.


Page 3
1. "The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive." Discuss what this means.
2. As Christians, how important is forgiveness to our faith? Who models tru forgiveness for us and how?
3. How hard is it, at times, to forgive ourselves? Discuss.
4. What does TAPT stand for and what is its purpose?
5. How powerful do you think it would be to share your faith with others of your age in a safe environment, such as TAPT?


Page 9
1. What is torture? Is it only physical? Discuss.
2. What does Bishop Richard Pates call for in this article?
3. Do you think that torture is ever called for, even when it comes to terrorists?
4. What do you believe Jesus would say about the use of torture?
5. Do you believe torture is contrary to not only Christian values, but also American values? Why?


Page 9
1. Discuss the concept of praying with imagination.
2. Why do you think our imagination can be a powerful tool when it comes to prayer?
3. The imagination is a key part of the spiritual exercises of what saint?
4. According to this saint, what can the imagination engage that can lead to a more powerful prayer experience.
5. Ask your teacher to read a passage from one of the Holy Week Scripture readings. Close your eyes and allow your imagination to take you into the story. Afterward, share you experience.


Page 10
1. To what did St. Faustina have a great devotion?
2. What was the first mystical vision Faustina experienced?
3. How did Blessed Pope John XXIII honor this woman?
4. When we learn more about the saints, how does this help us to live holier lives?
5. Have your teacher help you to pray the

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