DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 04-27-14

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1. What, according to Pope Francis this Easter, does proclaiming the good news of the resurrection mean?
2. The pope prayed that the Lord would help us "overcome the scourge of hunger, aggravated by conflicts and by the immense wastefulness for which we are often responsible." Break into small groups and discuss.
3. For whom did Pope Francis offer special prayers?
4. What is the Exsultet?
5. What is the date of your baptism?
6. As the pope suggests, reflect on your first memory of encountering Jesus.
7. In which way is the end – the crucifixion of Jesus, really a new beginning?
8. According to this article, what does the pope mean when he asks the people to consider, "Where is my Galilee?"


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1. In which sacraments is Sacred Chrism used?
2. What is the tradition of using oil that goes back to ancient times?
3. Two other oils are blessed at the Chrism Mass. What are they and how are they used?
4. How does the consecration of Sacred Chrism differ from the blessing of the other oils used in our parishes?
5. How are the Holy Oils a tangible sign of God's love?
6. Have your teacher lead you in a discussion of how the Catholic Church engages all our senses.


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1. What does Pope Francis mean when he tells priest to "head for the exit sign" at difficult times?
2. On what day do Christian celebrate the institution of the priesthood?
3. "In littleness we find our joy." Discuss what this means.
4. The pope describes the Church as a house with open doors. What does this mean?
5. In what ways can the laity best support our priests?


Page 9
1. What special gift did God give Billy Foster?
2. How has he used his gift throughout his life?
3. What challenges is Foster facing in this latter part of his life?
4. How does the fact that he still actively uses his gift inspire you?
5. What does Foster hope to accomplish through his music?


Page 18
1. Staying mentally sharp is important at any age. In what ways do you think you allow your brain to be lazy?
2. This article suggests that we shouldn't allow our brain to get bored. Discuss ways you might best exercise your brain.
3. How does being a happy person affect your brain in a positive manner?
4. Why is healthy eating important to good brain health?

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