DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 05-04-14

1. Who of significance joined Pope Francis in this historical canonization?
2. What does it mean when someone is canonized?
3. Since St. John and St. John Paul were of contemporary times, do you think it made this even more exciting for the people of the world? Why/why not?
4. What was, arguably, Pope John XXIII's major accomplishment?
5. How did Pope Francis characterize St. John Paul II?
6. The two popes were canonized on Divine Mercy Sunday. How is this significant?
7. What is a relic? Ask your teacher to explain.
8. What relics of Pope John and Pose John Paul were present for veneration at this ceremony. What is veneration? Look up the meaning.
9. Approximately how many pilgrims attended the ceremony?
10. What does "Santo subito" mean and, in this case, to whom did it apply?


Page 3
1. As Pope Francis suggests, do you think people today are fixated on material things? Discuss.
2. What did the angel ask the women who went to the tomb to anoint Jesus? What do you think the question means? Do you think it has meaning for people today?
3. According to the pope, what is the source of Christian hope? Why?
4. What are Christians called to fight? Does Jesus want his Church to move forward? How can you be a part of that effort?
5. In the face of failures, a sense of abandonment and sinfulness, what does the
pope suggest we do?


Page 13
1. What happened on the road to Emmaus?
2. Why do you think the disciples didn't recognize Jesus walking next to them?
3. Jesus is always in our midst, walking next to us. What sometimes prevents us from recognizing him?
4. In this Gospel reading, what finally gives the disciples a clue to who Jesus really is?
5. Talk about where you found God present in your life today.


Page 14
1. Why does Deacon Plaiss travel to the abbey several times each year?
2. In what ways does he shadow the daily lives of the monks?
3. "The abbey is a field hospital for the soul." Discuss what this might mean.
4. What tools does Deacon Plaiss use to seek greater with God?
5. What does this reflection speak to you about the power of quiet and prayer?

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