DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 05-11-14

Page 1
1. What is a conscience?
2. Why did God give us a conscience?
3. How is important is it for one to continually form a good conscience? What tools are available?
4. What do you think it means to "witness to the truth about an issue?"
5. What does it mean to have the strength of one's convictions? What does that have to do with a good conscience?


Page 1
1. What ruling did the Supreme Court recently make that affects people of faith?
2. Do you believe people should be able to practice their faith by praying in public? Why/why not?
3. What are the exception to the Supreme Court's ruling?
4. Justice Burger stated that opening prayers are the fabric of our society. Discuss.


Page 3
1. What is the sister diocese of our own Diocese of Gary?
2. What are the reasons do you think Bishop Melczek elected to "adopt" this Haitian diocese?
3. What is funded by the money we collect as a diocese?
4. In what ways is the Diocese of Fort-Liberte extremely poor?
5. As Catholic Christians, why do we have a responsibility to help others?


Page 7
1. What famous icon recently visited the Diocese of Gary?
2. Where did the pilgrimage of this famous icon first start?
3. In what way has this image of Mary become the protector of her people?
4. What is an icon? Ask your teacher to explaine.
5. As Catholics, we respect life from the womb to the tomb. Discuss.


Page 8
1. Father Kevin Huber recently lost his mom. How difficult do you think it will be for his family this Mother's Day?
2. As Catholics, how do we find comfort in the loss of a loved one?
3. What special things does your mom/grandmother/aunt do for your family?
4. Discuss some of the special qualities Mrs. Huber modeled for her family?
5. What do you think are some good characteristics of a mother?
6. How will you tell your mother she is loved this Mother's Day?
7. Who is the Mother of us all?


NOTE: This will be our last discussion guide for the 2013-2014 school year. Have a safe summer and look for our guides to resume with the issue of September 28.

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