DISCUSSION GUIDE: Issue of 10-05-14


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1.       What is the theme of this year’s Respect for Life month?

2.       Why was this program of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops originally created?

3.       According to Father Theodore Mens, director of pro-life activities for the Diocese of Gary, God gives us life so we might have the hope of …?

4.       In what various ways do our parents nurture us?

5.       As Catholic Christians, what responsibility do we have to promote a healthy respect for life?



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1.       According to Bishop Dale J. Melczek, what do we celebrate in Respect Life month?

2.       On a most basic level, why is every person worthy of respect?

3.       How has Pope Francis modeled a respect for life that we should follow?

4.       If we recognize and respect life from the moment of conception, what does this tell us about abortion?

5.       In small groups, identify other significant issues that fall under the scope of our responsibility to respect all life. Share with your class.

6.       How might young people demonstrate a respect for life?



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1.       What is climate change? Discuss with your teacher.

2.       Why is the threat of climate change something about which we should be concerned?

3.       Why are the issues of climate change part of our responsibility to address as Christians?

4.       Who are the most vulnerable members of our society and in what ways does climate change affect their lives?

5.       As young people, how can we take better care of our planet?



Page 18

1.       Discuss what it means to “make the most of a moment.”

2.       Mark Sullivan has found a way to balance the many things happening in his life. In what ways can this be challenging but why is it important?

3.       Sullivan states that sports can teach one much about life. Discuss?

4.       How does Sullivan view his faith life?

5.       How does practicing making good decisions help develop a habit that will serve you well over a lifetime?



Page 22

1.       God created everything out of nothing. How hard is this for us to understand? How amazing is God’s power to do so?

2.       Talk about some of things in nature that speak to the power of God.

3.       In light of the power of nature, why do you think the ancient people found God there?

4.       Outloud, read on of the passages from Mark, Matthew or Luke cited in this article regarding the calming of the sea by Jesus.

5.       What does this story tell us about God’s power and ability to restore the chaos in our own lives?

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