DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 10-19-14

Page 1
1. According to speak, Father Robin Ryan, what are the five themes of the papacy of Pope Francis?
2. In small groups, choose one them and discuss. Share your thoughts with the entire class.
3 How does Pope Francis challenge people?
4. Father Ryan states that, for Pope Francis, the world needs reconciliation and comm. Discuss.
5. In what ways did Bishop Dale J. Melczek challenge this audience?
6. The bishop noted, "We are baptized for mission." What does this mean for each of us?


Page 8
1. How did you receive the name you were given by your parents? Where you named after a family member? A favorite saint?
2. According to Brother A. Gerard Jordan, what name do we all have in common?
3. Brother Jordan speaks about holding onto God's unchanging hand. Discuss what this means and how does it bring comfort and security into your life?
4. Talk about a time when God gave you what you needed even before you knew that was what you needed.
5. In what ways do we find it difficult at times to follow Jesus?
6. Brother Jordan told his audience that relationship is what the cross is about. What did he mean?


Page 10
1. What project has this young man tackled to earn his Eagle Scout designation?
2. Talk about some of the obstacles that made this project difficult.
3. What does this say about Jonathan Kreinke's commitment and determination?
4. Kreinke states one of the important skills related to this job was good communications. Discuss what good communications skills entail.
5. Have you ever tackled a project that made a difference? Share your experience and how it made you feel.


Page 16
1. Read the Gospel from Matthew 11:15-21 out loud.
2. What dilemma did face when the Pharisees asked if it was lawful to pay the census tax?
3. What did Jesus finally say in reply?
4. One of the tenants this country was founded on is a right to have our voices heard. How might we best do that?
5. Discuss our responsibility to vote according to our conscience and beliefs.
6. What tools do we have to help shape our conscience and beliefs?


Page 18
1. Who do we honor when we do the blessing of pets?
2. "God looked at everything he made and he found it very good." Discuss.
3. Do you have a pet? What has that pet taught you about the wonder of God's creation? Of unconditional love?
4. Do you think we all have a responsibility to care for the earth? Why/why not?
5. What can you do to care for the earth and all of God's creatures?

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