DISCUSSION GUIDE: Issue of 10-26-14


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1.  What does ‘Grasta De’ mean and how does it apply in this event?


2.  Discuss some of the things young people struggle with today?


3.  The Grasta De speaker is quoted as saying, “It takes one person to rise up and change the culture and use that platform to spread the message of God.” What are some of the issues in your life that you can choose to speak up for or against?


4.  How do you see the grace of God working in your daily life?


5.  During the closing Mass, Father Dennis Spies told the group that they were God’s masterpiece of creation. How special does that make you feel? Discuss.




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1.  Why have Ukrainians been displaced from their homes?


2.  What challenges are these people facing in coming months?


3.  Think about how difficult it would be to flee your home, leaving behind your possessions. Discuss the many feelings this group of people must be experiencing.


4.  Through which Catholic organization are the Ukrainians receiving help?


5.  As Christians, why is it our responsibility to feel compassion, help and pray for those most in need?




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1.  Which pope did Pope Francis recently beatify? When did he serve as pope?


2.  What relic of the pope was venerated during this beatification ceremony?


3.  What encyclical is Blessed Pope Paul VI known for? Ask for the translation of the Latin words?


4.  Speaking to the crowd, Pope Francis said, “God is not afraid of new things?” What do you think this means? What do you think this says about you not being afraid of new things in your life?


5.  What is the next step after beatification?



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1.  Looking back over the ministry of Jesus, where did he tend to go?


2.  Because Jesus was fully God, as well as fully human, he could have chosen to hang around with kings and other important people but he preferred the common folks. What does this say about Jesus and his ministry?


3.  How important were farms in those days? What struggles did farmers of that time encounter?


4.  How has the farming industry changed today? In what ways is the farming industry as important today as in was in ancient Israel?


5.  Think about the cycle of nature? What does this cyclical view teach us about all life?




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1.  Share an experience when you’ve been bullied or have seen another being bullied.


2.  Why do you think some people like to bully others?


3.  Speak Kevin Szawala told the St. Mary students that they have the power to change hearts. How can you do your part to stop the cycle of bullying in your school?


4.  When our hearts are full of pain, it’s hard to feel love. Do you think bullies are feeling pain? What can we do to reach out to bullies as well as to their victims?


5.  How does Jesus want us to treat all people, not just our friends?


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