DISCUSSION GUIDE: Issue of 11-02-14


Page 1


1.  Pope Francis states that the family is under attack because of our culture of division. Discuss what you think he means.

2.  What was the pope’s answer when asked his secret for maintaining hope in a troubled world?

3.  What provides Pope Francis with great comfort and faith?

4.  According to the pope, how can we support families today?

5.  What is the best way to share our faith with others? Discuss.




Page 11


1.  What is a vocation?

2.  Does everyone have a vocation? Ask your teacher to explain and discuss the many vocations we pursue?

3.  What emotion drew Father David Kime to the priesthood?

4.  In what ways do you believe most priests find joy in their vocation?

5.  Father Kime states that instead of being a life of sacrifice, the priesthood is a life of joyful service. Discuss.

6.  As a class, say a prayer for more vocations to the priesthood but also that God might help you discern your own vocation in life.




Page 17


1.  How do our country and the world depend on the coal mining industry?

2.  What kind of dangers does coal mining present?

3.  What is being blamed for the decline in the coal mining industry and how has it affected this area of the country?

4.  Talk about how deep poverty can affect a person’s feeling of self-worth? Discuss the effects of a circle of poverty.

5.  Some have criticized what mining has done to the environment. As Catholics do we have a responsibility to be concerned about the well-being of our planet? Why/why not?




Page 18


1.  What is our spiritual tie to the Garden of Gethsemane?

2.  How are these trees in the garden a symbol of Jesus?

3.  What is the mission of the Franciscans in this area?

4.  How does the work of these Franciscans in the Holy Land witness to a message of peace?

5.  How does Father Diego Dalla Gassa liken the ‘vocation’ of olive trees and olives to the life of Jesus?    

6.  What special use are the olive pits used for?




Page 22


1.  What have these Benedictine sisters turned to in order to spread the Gospel?

2.  Whose direction are they following?

3.  What are they doing to get their message out globally?

4.  What is the ‘Adopt-a-Sister’ program?

5.  How do their efforts work to promote vocations?