DISCUSSION GUIDE: Issue of 11-09-14


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1.  What do the feast of All Saints and All Souls call us to do as Catholics?

2.  What did Pope Francis mean when he said “human beings believe they are the gods and the lords of creation…?”

3.  How do you think it must feel to have to flee your home for fear of your life?

4.  Review the Beatitudes. What do the Beatitudes call us to do?

5.  Who, in your life, have you lost but whose memory stays strong within you?

6.  Do you still feel a connection with this person? How does that connection of living with the dead make you feel?

7.  What does this say about Jesus’ promise of immortality for all believers?




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1.  Why has the number of unaccompanied minors crossing into the United States been on the increase in recent years?

2.  As a minor, how do you think these young people must feel leaving their homeland alone?

3.  How are our Catholic colleges stepping up to aid these young people?

4.  According to this story, what are these young people seeking?

5.  What part does racial hatred have to play in immigration issues?




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1.  What did veteran Thomas Jayjack take into battle in Vietnam with him along with his rifle?

2.  What does the Christmas memory Jayjack relates say about the beauty of our Universal Church?

3.  Who does Jayjack credit with bringing him home from war safely?

4.  How has Jayjack been faithful to his faith in the ensuing years?

5.  There is a saying that “there are no atheists in a foxhole.” Discuss what this means.

6.  Jayjack notes that when he stands before God, he hopes to tell him that he tried to do his best. Are you making an effort to “do your best?” Talk about it in small groups.



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1.  Why did Brittany Maynard decide to take her own life?

2.  Oregon is one of a handful of states to legalize assisted suicide. As Catholics, discuss what we believe about the sanctity of life from womb to tomb?

3.  Ultimately who is the only one who has power over life and death?

4.  Discuss the differences between Maynard’s view of her illness and life and that of Philip Johnson.

5.  Johnson says he is not alone in his suffering. Who stands beside him to lend love and support?




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1.  Read St. John’s Gospel 2:13-22.

2.  What made Jesus so angry? Did this surprise you? Why/why not?

3.  For the Jewish people, what does the feast of Passover signify?

4.  How does this story remind us of how easy it still is to give into greed and material things today? Do you think God takes second place in our culture? Why/why not?

5.  Jesus tells us that God dwells within each of us. How does that make you feel about keeping yourself holy and resisting letting questionable acts and thoughts in?

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