DISCUSSION GUIDE: Issue of 11-16-14


Page 1

1.  Why does Pope Francis describe himself as “coming from the end of the earth?”

2.  Why do you think Pope Benedict and Pope St. John Paul II had such an interest in the Church in Europe?

3.  What is expected Pope Francis will focus on in his message during this trip to France to address the European Parliament?

4.  Why do you think the pope should and does have a right to speak to our governments today?

5.  Break into small groups and discuss the importance of work in our lives.   What are all the implications that come from lack of work?



Page 3

1.  What natural disaster took place in the Philippines in 2013?

2.  How are the people of this country still trying to recover?

3.  How many families are still suffering from inadequate shelter?

4.  According to Archbishop John Du, what continues to give life to these people?

5.  What role has the Catholic Church played in helping the people survive and cope?

6.  What role does faith in God play when natural disasters, such as this, occur?



Page 5

1.  Pope Francis is quoted as saying that ‘synod’ means walking together and  ‘dialogue’ is the short answer of how to walk with. Discuss what this means.

2.  What was the topic of this conference held in St. Paul, Minn. in November? How does it relate to what the pope said in the question above?

3.  According to Jesuit Father Michael Czerny, what are some of the questions we should be considering on how to solve the problem of hunger in the world.

4.  In what ways are we wasteful with food?

5.  How do you think the issue of climate change affects our food supplies?



Page 10

1.  What is perhaps the first city mentioned in the Old Testament? What New Testament stories also take place in this city?

2.  What city is seen as evidence of the sinfulness of God’s people?

3.  What city continues to be a most powerful symbol of God’s presence in Israel?

4.  In small groups, pick one of the four Gospels and see how many references you can find to this  


5.  How do you imagine cities in ancient times were different than cities as we know them today?

6.  Picture a large city. How many ways can you identify that we could serve God in that city?



Page 12

1.  Describe the Inside/Out program being offered by Valparaiso University.

2.  What do you think are more important…book lessons or life lessons? Or do you believe the two need to go hand-in-hand?

3.  Describe a life lesson you have learned.

4.  What do you think one might learn from an inmate? What could an inmate learn from you?

5.  What message did Father Kevin McCarthy bring to the students on this day?

6.  According to one of the inmate participants, what did he gain from the experience of this class?



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