DISCUSSION GUIDE: Issue of 11-23-14


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1.  What happened in San Salvador 25 years ago?

2.  Why are the people who were killed now considered martyrs?

3.  Where else in the world today are people being martyred for their faith?

4.  Does this story make you believe we have a responsibility to pursue justice for all? Why/why not?

5.  Who are the real victims of any war?



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1.  What is the seal of confession?

2.  What is the penalty for a priest who would dare break this sacred seal?

3.  Are there any circumstance under which a priest could break the seal? Discuss.

4.  What does this seal of confession protect? Talk about what this means.

5.  Knowing your sins can never be revealed, how does this make you fee differently about going to confession?



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1.  Who is the model for all women in terms of accepting the mission God has for each of us?

2.  The facilitator of this series states that we each have unique gifts carefully planned by our Creator. What gifts have God given you?

3.  Who was St. Elizabeth and what gift made her special?

4.  How is forgiveness always a first step toward healing?

5.  Would you find it hard to pray for your enemies? Why does Jesus call us to do just that?



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1.  What special event is a part of Father Paul Wattson legacy?

2.  What is a legacy? Ask your teacher to explain.

3.  What kind of legacy would you like to leave one day?

4.  What order did Father Wattson found for both men and women?

5.  This article mentions Christian reconciliation and ecumenism. What is ecumenism. Ask your teacher to explain.



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1.  As a class, read the weekend’s Gospel reading from Matthew 25:31-46.

2.  What kind of king was Jesus and how is this so different from our image of royalty?

3.  What method did Jesus use to “conquer?”

4.  In what ways might we reach out and touch Jesus today?

5.  On this Thanksgiving, what are you grateful for?

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