DISCUSSION GUIDE: Issue of 12-07-14


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1.  What was the reason given in this story for the Pope’s apparent weariness   during his trip to Turkey?

2.  What percentage of Turkey is Christian?

3.  What is ecumenism? Discuss with your teacher.

4.  What does it mean when the story states, “the West is, increasingly, Christian in name only?

5.  How has Pope Francis’ approach to Europe differed from his predecessors – St. Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI?



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1.  When Archbishop Robert Carlson of St. Louis urged residents to “choose peace,” to what was he referring.

2.  Is violence ever a solution to a problem? What would you do instead?

3.  In what ways has this country demonstrated a disrespect for people of color over the years?

4.  Cornel West is quoted as saying, “The challenge is whether (rage) is channeled through love and justice, or hatred and revenge.” Discuss.

5.  Will we ever have peace in our world is we cannot assure equal justice for all? Discuss.



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1.  Six-year-old Ruby Arizabal is quoted as saying, “I’ve come here because the planet is sad.” To what is she referring?

2.  What is threatening to push greenhouse gases to dangerous levels?

3.  As Christians, do we have a responsibility to care for our planet? Discuss.

4.  What was the purpose of this interfaith candlelight vigil?

5.  What are the two underlying principles of all religious traditions?



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1.  In general, who are being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba?

2.  In what way has this prison been controversial?

3.  Do you believe torture is acceptable in our time? Why/Why not?

4.  What does this article suggest is a violation of international human rights law?

5.  In releasing some of these prisoners, what becomes a major problem?



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1.  Talk about a time when the beauty of nature and the earth made you stop and take notice?

2.  Deacon Plaiss states that his experience was one of God walking among us. Discuss.

3.  He also states that youth are worth listening to. Is he right? What do you have to say that you would like adults to hear?

4.  What “something wonderful” happens during Advent?

5.  At this time in your life, where do you find God and are in awe?

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