DISCUSSION GUIDE: Issue of 12-14-14


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1.  What did Pope Francis hope for at this feast of the Immaculate Conception?

2.  What do we mean when we refer to the “Immaculate Conception?”

3.  Why is the Blessed Mother so special to Christians?

4,  The pope stated that evil does not have power over love. Discuss what this means and what it says to you in your life.

5.  Does God speak to you? Do you listen? Are there times you feel God is calling you to do something and you ignore his call? Discuss.



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1.  What does the term “nuclear disarmament” refer to?

2.  How does the possible use of nuclear weapons call us to consider how countries should settle their differences?

3.  One of the speakers stated, “Nuclear weapons offend every principle of all religions.” Discuss what this means.

4.  What would be the environmental effects of the use of a nuclear weapon?

5.  What is your position on nuclear weapons? What do you think Jesus would tell us about war and such weapons of destruction?



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1.  Who are the two new saints recently canonized?

2.  According to Pope Francis, why were they canonized?

3.  Sister Linda George Moolechalil stated the mission of her fellow sisters is to “serve one soul at a time.” Discuss what she means and how can this apply to you?

4.  Sister’s first impression of the U.S. is that it was a country of people rich in material things. How can one be rich materially but yet poor in other areas?

5.  What “spiritual weapons” do we have at our disposal and how do you use them in your lives?



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1.  Do you think Christmas is all about the presents?

2.  How have we lost the true meaning of Christmas?

3.  In what ways has the birth of Jesus been a present to us all?

4.  What are the Christmas traditions your family observes and why are they special to you?

5.  “Christ (is) the light (who) dispels the darkness in our lives.” Discuss.



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1.  How does the season of Advent call us to reflect on the theme of darkness and light?

2.  In which way to you view the darkness?

3.  Do you sometimes enjoy standing under a clear, dark winter sky, listening to the silence? Why?

4.  Who is the light we can always find at the end of the tunnel – those difficult times in our lives?

5.  There’s still time. How can you best prepare now for the coming of Jesus?

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