DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 01-18-15


Page 1

1.  What happens at our baptisms?

2.  What is the role of a Godparent? Who are your Godparents?

3.  In what ways does God always ‘nourish’ us?

4.  Discuss how difficult and heartbreaking it must be for mothers in underdeveloped countries not to be able to feed their own children?

5.  Do you pray to the Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit offer us when we do pray?



Page 12

1.  In what particular way did God guide the way of the Israelites while they journeying from captivity in Egypt?

2.  During their exodus, what served as the dwelling place of God?

3.  What become that special dwelling place once the Israelites finally settled in their land?

4.  What is the Ark of the Covenant?

5.  “But being God’s elect does not equate to being God’s elite and the prophets of God warned Israel that the mere presence of the temple was not a magical shield of protection but a reminder to live the covenant qualities of mercy, justice and righteousness.” Discuss.



Bishop Hying Section, page A8

1.  What is the translation of ‘La Sagrada Familia Parroquia?

2.  Where is this located and how did then-Father Donald Hying serve there?

3.  What experience does Bishop Hying state he took from his time there?

4.  What is ‘Social Justice’? Discuss with your teacher.

5.  In this article, the bishop said that the material poverty found in Latin America is replaced by spiritual poverty and loneliness in this country. Discuss.



Bishop Hying Section, page A18

1.  What is a ‘legacy’?

2.  What is the stated goal of Bishop Donald J. Hying as he begins his service as the fourth bishop of the Diocese of Gary?

3.  One of Bishop Hying’s friends state in this article, “(He) is present, being a man for all seasons to those he encounters.” What do you this this means   and do you believe this is an important quality for a bishop? Why?

4.  Discuss what it means to have ‘joy of the Gospel’.

5.  Another friend believes the Holy Spirit has been very active in the work of Bishop Hying. Do you allow the Holy Spirit to be active in your life? In   what ways have you experienced this?



Bishop Hying Section, page B4

1.  What is a bishop’s primary responsibility?

2.  What is one way a bishop relates and interacts with the Vatican?

3.  What does it mean when we say a bishop has a responsibility to sanctify?

4.  What is an auxiliary bishop?

5.  What are the needed qualifications for one to become a bishop?

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