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1.  How do you suppose Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines, especially in the driving rain, made him more as “one of the people?”

2.  As our Catholic leader, what does the pope’s deep devotion to the poor and suffering model for us?

3.  What devastating even took place in this country in 2013?

4.  The story talks about Pope Francis’ eye for detail. Why do you think it bothered him that of the four youths chosen to address him, only one was female? How does this speak to you about the need for greater equality in our society?

5.  The pope has a deep devotion to Mary. In what ways do we – should we - turn to Mary as “mama?” How does it feel to know we have Mary to turn to always?

6. After Comm at this Mass, the pope joined with the people by taking back his candle. What did the flame symbolize? What message did the gesture of taking the candle back send to the people?




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1.  What does January 22 commemorate? Why is the event of this date so notable in our history?

2.  Why does the Catholic Church teach abortion is so terribly wrong?

3.  Who has the right to decide who should live or die?

4.  According to Deacon Thomas Gryzbek, if we come to believe the taking of an unborn life is not wrong, what other life decisions might it lead to?

5.  Speaker Paula Allen noted that her own experience having an abortion “ate away at my personhood.” Discuss what you think she meant.




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1.  Why was it significant that people from such different walks of life came together on the evening to pray for peace?

2.  Pastor Herson Gonzalez is quoted as saying, “There cannot be peace without justice.” Discuss.

3.  Are there people in our world today who do not share the same level of justice as others? Talk about it.

4.  In what ways might we work with law enforcement to build better relationships? How will this bring greater peace to our communities?

5.  Discuss what you believe Jesus would tell us to do to build peace in our world.




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1.  What cause has Sister Helen Prejean so passionately embraced?

2.  In terms of our justice system, do you think the rich are at more of an advantage than the poor in our society? Why/why not?

3.  How does discussion of the death penalty became a respect for life issue for Catholics?

4.  “Forgiveness is not just about lifting a burden but the saving of our life and not being overcome by hatred.” Discuss what this means in terms of the death penalty.

5.  Do you think the violence of imposing the death penalty actually prevents further violence? What’s wrong with this thinking?




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1.  What tragedy happened in Paris on January 7 that made world news?

2.  What did it have to do with freedom of speech?

3.  What is “satire?”

4.  While no one would condone the violence and loss of life, is there ever a time when satire can go too far by disrespecting the beliefs of others?

5.  As the article suggests, is there anything to be gained by demeaning others?

6.  Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York stated, “Every right has a limit.” Discuss what this means and decide whether you agree or disagree.

7.  Knowing there are consequences to every action, do you know believe the cartoonists in this case were without blame?

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