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1.  What event did the January 22 March for Life in Washington, D.C. mark?

2.  Pope Francis is quoted as saying, “Every life is a gift.” Discuss how this is true in regards to what we believe as Catholics.

3.  Do you believe all human beings, in whatever stage of life they might be in, have a right to life? Why/why not?

4.  What becomes the danger when we start making exceptions to this belief?

5.  Discuss other factors that pose a threat to human life in our society.

6. Talk about some of the pressures young people face today that would be contrary to a respect for life.



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1.  In this article, Pope Francis talks about the danger of becoming “completely mechanical” when listing their sins in confession. What does he mean?

2.  Many fear confession because they worry they will be judged. In what way does the pope tell us to view the sacrament instead?

3.  How does it make you feel to know God never tires of forgiving us?

4.  Is there anything God will not forgive you for if asked?

5.  In what ways do you think some might try to “buy” God’s forgiveness?

6.  Who paid the price for our sins and how?



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1.  What national event has brought an increased awareness of trafficking?

2.  What is trafficking?

3.  Does anyone have a right to force another to do something against his/her will? How does this become a sin against the dignity of life?

4.  What circumstances might force some to choose a life of prostitution?

5.  What often keeps them stuck in this degrading lifestyle?



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1.  What is a mummy and how have scientific advances made it easier to discover these finds from the ancient world?

2.  Do you think mummies should be able to be purchased by private individuals? Discuss. How does this become a respect for life issue?

3.  How have people been scammed when purchasing what they think is a mummy?

4.  Why do you think someone would want to create a fake mummy?

5.  Why were mummies popular from the Middle Ages up to the time of the Renaissance?



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1.  What is the particular ministry of this order of the Little Sisters of the Poor?

2.  In this story, what are they honoring?

3.  How do the elderly become very vulnerable, especially when they are poor?

4.  In what ways have the residents of Queen of Peace formed a new family community?

5.  How important is it for people of any age to feel like they are a part of a community?

6.  Discuss the different communities to which you feel you belong.

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