DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of February 8, 2015


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1.  What special observance did Bishop Donald J. Hying celebrate with the Bishop Noll student body?

2.  Who is the patron saint of Catholic Schools?

3.  Who should be at the very core of all our schools and religious education programs?

4.  “Jesus is the ultimate reference point for finding our way to God.” Discuss.

5.  In what ways might we be “Christ” to others?

6.  If you could talk to Bishop Hying, what is one question you might ask him?



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1.  What does “kenosis” mean? Who was a prime model of kenosis for us?

2.  What special year are we observing?

3.  What feast did we observe on February 2? What other name does it go by?

4.  Give some examples of who might be considered a “religious.”

5.  What is a charism? Ask your teacher, deacon or priest to explain.



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1.  How is human trafficking considered modern day slavery?

2.  In what ways has human trafficking  become big business?

3.  Why is this a grave evil?

4.  How might legitimate businesses be hurt by human trafficking?

5.  What are some of the challenges involved in moving human trafficking victims out of the lifestyle to which they come to know?



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1.  What new legislation is California now considering?

2.  Discuss what “assisted suicide” involves?

3.  Why does our Catholic Church strongly oppose assisted suicide?

4.  What danger exists if our society begins to believe it is acceptable to participate in assisted suicide?

5.  If you lived in California, how would you vote on this bill and why?



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1.  What happens to Job in this Scripture reading?

2.  In what ways is Job’s experience similar to that of most people?

3.  Why does Job come out the winner in this saga?

4.  What do the readings for this weekend tell us about suffering?

5.  What lesson do we learn? Who is ultimately our great healer?


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