DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of February 13, 2015


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1.  Think back in history. How have women been “subjugated” in the past?

2.  In this article, what does Pope Francis call for?

3.  In your opinion, why should women hold a place of equal importance in the Church?

4. In the Catholic tradition, only men can become deacons and priests. However what are other ways women might make their voices heard in our Church?

5.  What do you think our Church would be like if it wasn’t for the dedicated work of women?



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1.  Have you ever wondered if religious women, and priests, have a home life different than that of the laity? What do you imagine?

2.  What event locally was sponsored in observance of the national Days of Religious?

3.  What was the purpose of the national Days of Religious?

4.  According to Sister Anna Joseph, what “feeds” the sisters and enables them to do their work?

5.  Why do you think women religious live in community?



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1.  Does God cause suffering? Why does it exist?

2.  Drawing on your Catholic faith, how do you feel about euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide?

3.  Are there any instances when you would think either would be acceptable/ Why?

4.  What should we rely on as a “moral compass” when we are struggling with such issues?

5.  What moral issue have you struggled with? Discuss.



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1.  What event did the young people in this article recently take place in?

2.  In what ways can “standing up” for what you believe be difficult?

3.  The Church teaches we must respect all life, from conception to naturaldeath. Discuss.

4.  Despite the large size of the March for Life, there was little coverage from the secular media. Why do you think that is?

5.  Life is an amazing gift from God. Discuss ways we might honor all life?



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1.  Can you think of at least one “mighty deed” of God revealed to us in Scripture? Share with your class.

2.  How were liturgies celebrated in the early Church?

3.  According to this article, why was Paul taking the people of Corinth to task?

4.  As Church, we are the “family of God.” How can you make your home more of a “house church?”

5.  Discuss ways Jesus showed that gathering for a meal was an important part of the Christian community.

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