DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of March 15, 2015


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1.  What does it mean to “witness to the Gospel?”

2.  Talk about the many ways women contribute to the life of our Church.

3.  In offering his greetings, Pope Francis especially noted “all those women who everyday seek to build a society that is more human and welcoming.” What traits do women possess that make them invaluable to those served by the Church?

4.  What do we hold sacred within our churches and how do we show our reverence?

5.  In what ways in our society today have we lost our sense of holiness?

6.  What is “sexism?” Do you think our world today is still sexist? Discuss.

7.  Do you think God would ever want women to be relegated to a second class  status? Talk about it.



Page 9

1.  What is a relic?

2.  Describe the Shroud of Turin?

3.  Do you believe this revered relic to be authentic? Why/why not?

4.  The article speaks of the most persuasive reason to believe the relic is authentic. Discuss.

5.  What is more important – that a relic is authentic or the fact that we hold sacred what that relic represents?

6.  The disciples loved Jesus. Do you think the most likely would have tried to preserve items, such as his burial shroud or the cross?  



Page 12

1.  Name some of the reasons someone might lose their faith.

2.  What tremendous loss did this football team suffer?

3.  When someone this young dies from an illness or an accident we are stunned

     beyond words. What does this tell you about death and the need to live our

     lives in a close relationship with God?

4.  Do you ever get angry at God? In those instances, do you think God understands?

5.  In times of tragedy, how do we find comfort in our faith?

6.  What does it mean to say that someone left a great legacy? What would you hope your legacy might be?



Page 14

1.  How would you define a vowed religious? Who would fit into this category?

2.  What in this article would refute the notion that the religious life is dying?

3.  It is common for religious to live in community. What does this mean?

4.  Discuss the good things about living in community, then talk about what challenges this way of life could present.

5.  Do you think entering the religious life is a “fallback position?”

6.  Sister Deborah sees religious life in three ways: radical availability, boundless compassion and abundant generosity. Discuss these concepts.

7.  Invite a religious sister or brother to speak to your class about their vocation.

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