DISCUSSION GUIDE for the issue of March 22, 2015


Page 1

1.  Why do you think Jesus had such a special affection for the poor in the


2.  Do you think we have a responsibility to help the poor in our society?

     why/why not?

3.  In what ways does it become “easy” not to see the poor among us?

4.  What are some of the long-term effects of poverty, as identified by our

     Indiana Catholic bishops?

5.  Define and discuss the impact of multi-generational poverty?



Page 1

1.  When God created humanity, what dreams for us do you believe he might have envisioned?

2.  Do you think God has a dream – a plan – for you? What do you think that dream might include?

3.  According to Pope Francis, what does it mean to believe?

4.  How does it make you feel to know that God loves you – not just humanity as  group – with unboundless love?

5.  What does it mean when the pope states ‘God is rich in mercy.’



Page 6

1.  In what ways do loving families anchor our society?

2.  What does the word ‘evangelization’ mean? Ask your teacher to explain.

3.  What positive effects can a family have on even those outside the family?

4.  Does having a good relationship mean never having disagreements or arguments? Discuss.

5.  How can people work to strengthen the relationships in their lives?

6.  How can we better strengthen our relationship with God?



Page 15

1.  Discuss how Jesus might have felt knowing that so many wanted to see him put to death?

2.  What does the fact that Jesus chose to suffer through the pain and humiliation of his crucifixion say about his love for us?

3.  We believe Jesus was fully human, as well as fully divine. As God, he might   

     have decided to escape from what he knew was coming but instead he   

     suffered the horrible pain. Why do you think Jesus wanted to see this

     through to the end?

4.  What do you believe Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross says to us about our  


5.  During his suffering, Jesus never turned on his Father, never lost sight of the

     fact that, despite the torment, God was with him. What example does this

     give to us in our own times of pain and suffering?



Page 17

1.  What does the never-ending cycle of nature teach us about life and death?

2.  Using the example of a seed pushing through the earth, what do we learn about overcoming obstacles?

3.  Talk about getting into a ‘comfort zone.’ How hard is it to move beyond that in which we are comfortable? What are most often the benefits when we dare to move out of our comfort zone?

4.  Moving closer to the events of Good Friday and Easter, this column speaks about feelings of dread mixed with joyful anticipation. What does did the columnist have in mind when she wrote this?

5.  What event show us that Jesus brings the promise of new life?

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