DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of April 12, 2015


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1.       How has Jesus’ resurrection conquered death for us all?

2.       What does ‘urbi et orbi’ mean?

3.       What part did great humility play in the passion and death of our Lord?

4.       In what ways is humility countercultural today?

5.       Do you ever hear God talking to you in the ‘silence?’ Discuss.



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1.       What is the intent of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA)?

2.       Discuss the implications of the Constitutional right to freedom of religion?

3.       What is discrimination?

4.       While protecting our religious freedom, what must we be careful not to do?

5.       What do the Indiana Bishops mean when they talk about protecting the inherent dignity of all persons?



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1.       What is the role of a chaplain?

2.       For people of faith serving in the military, how might a chaplain perform an important ministry?

3.       In what ways might it be important for a chief of chaplains to be a strong leader?

4.       Do you think there is a tendency for soldiers in war to lose their faith or hang on more tightly?

5.       What components of war might test one’s faith?



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1.       In what way is the annual Chrism Mass a celebration of the entire diocese?

2.       What are two of the more interesting highlights of the Chrism Mass?

3.       Name the three Holy Oils?

4.       How are the Holy Oils used throughout the diocese throughout the year?

5.       During this Mass, Bishop Donald J. Hying noted, ‘We are sent into the world as examples of Jesus Christ.’ Discuss what he means.



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1.       In what ways is Sister Thea Bowman considered a ‘trail-blazer.’

2.       In this article, it was noted that Sister Bowman was a person ‘who went  beyond seeing the good in every person.’ Is it ever difficult to see the good in some people? How, like Sister Bowman, might we help bring out the good in others?

3.       Think about some of the many different groups in our Church that bring a unique cultural perspective to our faith communities. Talk about how your parish honors its many cultures.

4.       How can a better understanding of different cultures lead to more widespread peace in our world today?

5.       Discuss the meaning and implications of ‘prejudice.’ Name one thing you can do as a young person to overcome the sins of prejudice

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