DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of April 26, 2015


Page 1

1. What is a pagan?

2. As Pope Francis suggests, how does ‘slipping toward worldliness and power’ lean us toward paganism?

3. Do you think many people claim to follow Jesus for their own interests? Discuss.

4. What three temptations did Jesus suffer while in the desert?

5. Why is it important to look to the lives of the saints for guidance in our own lives?



Page 5

1. What does Bishop Hying mean when he talks about the power of all social media?

2. What kind of negative influence can violent or sexual content on social media have on children and young people?

3. In a more positive vein, how might social media be a positive influence on these age groups?

4. Bishop Hying tells us that our religious values are meant to be lived throughout our lives, not just in church. Discuss and give examples.

5. April is National Child Abuse Month, what other abuses might children suffer in addition to physical abuse? How does this fit with Bishop Hying’s column?



Page 7

1. What was significant about the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act?

2. How easy is it to discriminate against people who aren’t like us?

3. Discuss the many ways people might be disabled.

4. Talk about difficulties encountered in daily life for those with disabilities. Give examples.

5. Do you believe it is right to make accommodations for people with disabilities? Why/why not?



Pages 12-13

1. How have the people of the Philippines suffered terribly from Typhoon Haiyan?

2. Why did Bishop Dale J. Melczek travel to the Philippines on this trip?

3. Despite the devastating poverty, Bishop Melczek reports that the people of this country remain rich in faith and deep in hope. Given how many hardships these people have suffered, how hard to you think it is to remain hopeful?

4. What role does Catholic Relief Services play in helping their plight?

5. What does our faith teach us about helping those in need?



Page 11

1. How well do you know Jesus?

2. What do you do to build a closer relationship with Jesus?

3. When you become close friends with someone, how do you work to build your friendship and keep it strong? How does this apply to Jesus?

4. Close your eyes and spend a couple of minutes, not asking Jesus for our wishes, but rather talking to the Lord about your hopes and dreams; how you are doing in your daily life; your challenges, etc. Talk to Jesus like a friend.

5. Consider how important it is to make sure Jesus knows you.

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