DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of May 3, 2015


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1.       What most recent natural disaster has hit India and what have been the results so far?

2.       What did Pope Francis mean when he said, he hoped those affected would “have the support of fraternal solidarity?”

3.       As members of the human family, what do we have in common and what responsibilities do we hold to one another?

4.       What is an “aftershock” and how are they hampering rescue efforts?

5.       In what ways has the Catholic Church responded to this crisis?



Page 3

1.       For what did the encyclical “Pacem in Terris” by St. Pope John Paul XXIII can for?

2.       What is disarmament?

3.       What dangers do nuclear weapons hold in terms of the safety of the world and all peoples?

4.       Discuss how the use of a nuclear weapon has had devastating consequences in the past?

5.       As Catholics, do you believe we have a responsibility to speak out against such weapons? Discuss.



Pages 8-9

1.       Where was the worst destruction in the Philippines realized as a result of Typhoon Haiyan?

2.       In what ways has Catholic Relief Services helped to alleviate the suffering of Filipinos in the midst of this disaster?

3.       Discuss how hard it would be not to have the luxury of running water in your home?

4.       Bishop Melczek reports that despite the hardships, the people are filled with great hope and gratitude. What does this say about their deep faith in God?

5.       CRS is not only bringing the people supplies but also training and supporting people in livelihoods? Why is this important?

6.       This is the second story we have read this week regarding Catholic response to those in need? Does this make you think that being Catholic means more than just going to church on Sunday? Why/why not?



Page 10

1.       Is nature an important part of God’s creation. Talk about what nature means to you.

2.       Why would people who garden believe working in the soil is a way of nurturing their souls?

3.       Holy Name Parish in Cedar Lake sponsors a community garden. What are some of the many purposes of this garden?

4.       When we foster beautiful things, such as a garden, how do we give honor and glory to God?

5.       When we tend the graves of those who have died, in what way do we honor them?



Page 16

1.       In what ways might the people who live in jungles, such as those in South American, suffer in terms of health care?

2.       No one likes to go to the doctor but how do we take the health care we have on hand here in the U.S. for granted?

3.       Do you feel health care for everyone is a right or a privilege? Discuss.

4.       What do you think Jesus would say about the accessibility of quality health care for all people in the world?

5.       Consider the doctors and nurses who travel to underdeveloped countries to serve the health needs of the poor. Do you believe they do it to get rich or are they feeling a moral responsibility to help those who can’t help themselves? Discuss this within a Christian context.

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