DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of May 10, 2015

Note to catechists: this will be the last discussion guide for this school year. The guide will return with the issue of September 14. Have a safe and happy summer!



Page 1

1.       What does Pope Francis mean when he notes that today, we live in a ‘throwaway culture?’

2.       Why does the pope believe Catholics have a responsibility to get involved in politics?

3.       Discuss the affects politics can have on us as a people and why it’s important to be knowledgeable and involved?

4.       What is true hope, according to Pope Francis?

5.       The pope notes that ‘you will never know Jesus Christ if you don’t touch his wounds, his pains.” Discuss.



Page 5

1.       Do Catholics ‘worship’ the Blessed Mother?

2.       According to Bishop Hying, in what ways is Mary the first and greatest Christian disciple?

3.       Who was Eve and what did she do that was notable? In what ways is Mary the new Eve?

4.       How is the Blessed Mother our greatest intercessor?

5.       In what ways does your parish honor Mary, especially during the month of May?



Page 8

1.       What is a vocation? Talk about the many vocations in life?

2.       Discuss some of the things that would make saying ‘yes’ to God’s call to religious life difficult?

3.       Father Kevin Huber notes that people often confuse ‘career’ with vocation. Talk about the differences. In what ways is a vocation much more than a career.

4.       Why should all Catholics feel good about inviting someone to consider a vocation to the religious life?

5.       God calls us in many ways. Talk about times when it has been hard saying yes to what God wants us to do?



Page 13

1.       How important is music in your life?

2.       Do you believe music is a gift from God? Discuss.

3.       How did Dave Little turn his passion for music into a career?

4.       In what ways might music be a love of a lifetime?

5.       What kinds of music do you enjoy?



Page 18

1.       Talk about a time when it felt good to be chosen.

2.       How does it make you feel to know you have been chosen by God?

3.       Do you feel loved by God? Why/why not?

4.       What does God’s love call us to do?

5.       The Lord Jesus commands us to love one another? How difficult can that be at times?

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