DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of October 4, 2015


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1.       At the World Meeting of Families, Pope Francis called upon the faithful to “serve and care for each other as freely as   God loves the human family.” Talk about what you believe this means.

2.       Why is it dangerous to exclude others who we think are not a part of our group or our immediate family?

3.       Do you believe God created all of us with a wish that we care for each other? Why/why not?

4.       “Love must be freely shared for faith to grow.” What did Pope Francis mean by this?

5.       Talk about ways our world has suffered and been torn apart by divisions.



Page 7

1.       Who was the founder of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood? For whom was he named?

2.       In what various ways do the Missionaries serve in the world today?

3.       The Missionaries state that they promote the reconciling power of the Blood of Jesus. Discuss what you think this means.

4.       What did Father Bill Nordenbrock mean when he stated, “We really have an incarnational spirit.”

5.       What is a charism? Ask your teacher to explain.

6.       What is another charism of the Missionaries and how does this charism fit into the mission of Jesus?



Page 11

1.       Siempre Adelante…always look ahead…was the motto of St. Junipero Serra. How did he live this motto?

2.       How does working to establish a better future for others a respect for life issue?

3.       Father Mens writes that he believes in the truth that all human beings count? Do you agree? Why/why not.

4.       The Catholic Church teaches that we honor all life, from conception until natural death. Talk about what this means.

5.       As Father Mens notes, we all can play a part in respecting life. Talk about ways you can contribute to respect for life.



Page 10

1.       In regard to the writer’s child with Down syndrome, the author writes that labels don’t tell the whole story of Charlie. Do we have a tendency to put labels on others? Give some examples.

2.       In what ways does this go against respect for all life?

3.       The author states, “(Parents) are not called to ‘handle’ a disability. You are called to love a particular person and caring for him or her grows out of that love.” What does the author mean? How can that advice translate to how we care for others who might seem different from us?

4.       “(God) does not call us, however, to perfection of appearance or abilities, but to perfection in love.” Discuss.

5.       Does the world today call us to be perfect in appearance? In what ways?

6.       What is the secret shared by families with children with disabilities?

7.       “We love them simply because of who they are.” In what ways should this apply to all who we encounter?



Page 17

1.       In what ways was Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. exciting for everyone?

2.       Why do you think so many people of all faiths admire the pope?

3.       Do you think people display the same excitement and enthusiasm for Jesus in their daily lives? Why/why not?

4.       Like Jesus, in what ways does Pope Francis call us to action?

5.       How have you worked to bring out the best in others today?

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