DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of October 18, 2015


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1.       Why was the front door to Holy Angels Cathedral “sealed?”

2.       What is the significance of a Holy Door? Talk about the history of the ritual.

3.       When will the upcoming jubilee year begin and what will be its focus?

4.       When will the Holy Door at the cathedral be opening and what is the significance of that ritual?

5.       According to Bishop Donald Hying, where does a Holy Door and believers find meaning?

6.       What does this ritual tell us about the doors to our hearts during this upcoming Year of Mercy?



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1.       Talk about ways the Catholic Church functions as a family?

2.       What challenges does the Church face when it comes to forming young people in the faith in our culture today?

3.       In what ways do you feel ‘included’ in your parish community. How do you, at times, feel excluded?

4.       Bishop George Murry notes at this Synod of Bishop on the family that even those members of family who have strayed, are loved and welcomed back. How does this apply to the God and the Church?

5.       What is the Church’s teaching on marriage and the importance of its long-  held views on the family?

6.       Ask your teacher to explain what a ‘Synod’ is.



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1.       What does it mean to live in poverty?

2.       In Indiana, how many live in poverty? Statistics show that one in five children in our state live in poverty? Does this number shock you? Why/why not?

3.       Talk about some of the reasons people might find themselves in poverty?

4.       When the Indiana bishop wrote their pastoral letter on poverty, they spoke of the need to ‘identify the systemic issues’ that keep families poor. Have your teacher lead you in a discussion of these issues.

5.       One person involved in the discussion sessions stated, ‘Faith can pull people out of poverty.’ How might our belief in God give us the strength and determination to pull ourselves out of a bad situation?

6.       Discuss ways we all can work to erase poverty from our societies?



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1.       What, according to Bishop Hying, do we celebrate in October?

2.       What are we called to do in this special month?

3.       The bishop notes it is a time to ‘lift up the dignity and glory of the human person.” Discuss what this means and to whom it applies.

4.       Are there any lives less valuable than others? Why/why not. What does our Church teach about the value of all lives?

5.       While respect for life begins with protecting the unborn, what else, according to the bishop, does it encompass?

6.       Take a minute in silence and consider when you last you praised God for the

          gift of your own life and all of creation around you.



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1.       How have these two special sisters supported each other over the years?

2.       What example to they give in terms of the importance of a strong family structure and care for one another?

3.       Even in their 80s, how have these sisters served the Church?

4.       What does this tell you about the continual need to be involved in your faith?

5.       Mary is quoted as saying, ‘I gave my life to God. I belong to God…’ What does this say about her faith and her respect for life as a God-given gift?

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